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Parma UniversalFender 1m


The material, thermoplastic polyurethane, is unique when it comes to flexibility as well as strength, and is also often used a preferred material when it comes to heavy duty, flexible and durable applications used in the offshore and subsea industry.


Due to the use of foamed material as well as the air-filled spaces in the profile, the Parma UniversalFender® is extra shock absorbing.

The profile can be mounted around very narrow radiuses as well as corners, something that makes the profile suitable for a variety of applications.


The operating temperature of the TPU material ranges from -40°C up to +80°C and is UV-stabilized, so it is suitable in all kinds of environments.


UniversalFender - Charcoal and Signal YellowLengths in stock:
1,0 meter and 4,0 meters

~H: 90mm ~W: 30mm


Colour in stock:     
Charcoal (Dark grey) and signal yellow

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8 - 8 / 9 tuloksesta

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